2016 Hall of Fame Inductees

Ken Griffey Jr. AKA “The Kid”


Team: Seattle Mariners (1989-1999, 2009-2010) Cincinnati Reds (2000-2008) Chicago White Sox (2008)

Career Stats: .284 Batting Average, 630 Home Runs, 1836 RBI

Some people talk about Ken Griffey Jr. as if he is a case of “what if”, but that is simply not true. He is No. 6 on the all-time home runs list and also No. 15 in RBIs. Although many believe he could have owned the title of Home Run King had he not missed out on so many games due to injuries, there’s a reason people call SafeCo. Field “The House That Griffey Built”. Griffey’s play in the 1995 playoffs is said to have saved baseball in Seattle. The “what ifs” don’t matter, because everyone knows that Ken Griffey Jr. is one of the greatest players to ever take the field. Congratulations to my favorite player of all time on his Hall of Fame induction.


Mike Piazza


Teams: Los Angelos Dodgers (1992-1998), Florida Marlins (1998), New York Mets (1998-2005), San Diego Padres (2006), Oakland A’s (2007)

Career Stats: .308 Batting Average, 427 Home Runs, 1335 RBI

Mike Piazza is undoubtedly the best hitting catcher of all-time. His 396 home runs as a catcher make him the all-time leader for the position, and he blended his power with an impressive .308 batting average. Although his name never popped up in any steroid reports, it took a few years for Piazza to get inducted, as some considered him guilty by affiliation. All that is surely behind him now, and the catcher with the best bat of all-time has his place in Cooperstown. Congratulations to Mike Piazza on a fantastic career.

Being a distant cousin of mine, Mike Piazza takes a close 2nd place as my favorite player of all time, however no one was more exciting to watch than Griffey Jr. 


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