Jenrry Mejia Makes History…


…in the worst way possible. Today, the Mets former closer received a lifetime ban from Major League Baseball for a 3rd positive PED test. Mejia, age 26, tested positive for Boldenone, the same substance he was caught with this past season. This is the first time in Major League history that a player has received a lifetime ban for PED use. Mejia had just agreed to a $2.47 million salary with the Mets for 2016, despite being ineligible to play until July of next season.

Jenrry Mejia was a pitcher with a great deal of upside, as evidenced by a 2.72 ERA and 28 saves out of the bullpen in 2014. On July 27th, 2015, Mejia was suspended for 162 games after testing positive for Stanozolol and Boldenone, just 20 days after returning from his first suspension. This is a very disappointing thing to happen, as the man clearly did not want to learn his lesson.


This is obviously not good news for the Mets, as they lost a very talented pitcher for a very stupid reason. However, there is some silver lining to this unfortunate news. If anything can be taken away from this, it’s that Major League Baseball is taking Performance Enhancing Drugs seriously. Mejia does have the opportunity to appeal the ban, but he must wait a year before doing so. If the ban is reversed, Mejia will still be required to sit out two more years.

As for Mejia’s reputation, he has proven to be an incredibly foolish person. To get suspended three times is a blatant display of disregard for the rules, and the fact that he’s been caught twice with the same substance shows that he hasn’t been getting any smarter, either. It is for the better that this man be kept far away from America’s great game, because Mejia is no role model to be looked up to. The Mets took an L today, but the good of the game has prevailed.

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