Indulging Ourselves in Adrian Beltre’s Watchability

This is not analysis. There is no argument I will be making in this piece, and no groundbreaking conclusion to be made. Rather, I’d like to take a few minutes to sit back and watch one of the finest third baseman of our generation do what he does best: make the game fun. Enjoy folks!

So you’ve got the dramatic home runs, which he seems to frequently hit from his knees, somehow…

Nothing beats the drama of a World Series homerun from one knee, off of Chris Carpenter no less.


Fool him once, you’re lucky. Don’t expect it to happen again though.


 Every homer Beltre hit last season:


Stupid-slick defensive plays over at third:

(For some reason, I couldn’t find defensive highlights for him more recently than 2012, and I apologize.)


Then of course there is the love/hate relationship he’s got with Elvis Andrus on the field:

As fun as he is to watch, the arc of his playing career might be just as interesting. It’s probably easy to forget that Beltre, now 37, had the look of a player whose career was coming to end nearly 7 seasons ago, back in 2009. After finishing a 5-year stint with the Mariners on a poor note (.265 BA, 8 HR) and missing significant time to injury, Adrian Beltre’s career was trending in the wrong direction. The Red Sox took a chance on the defensive wizard, signing him to a 1 year/$7 million “prove it” contract. Beltre rewarded the Sox with an MVP-caliber season, hitting .328/.365/.553 with 28 HR and 102 RBI. That batting line, coupled with his defensive prowess was worth a hefty 7.2 WAR. Beltre’s career renaissance had begun in 2010, and since then he’s hit 137 bombs for the Rangers while averaging about 6 WAR per season. Instead of his career reflecting that of a decent player during the steroid era, Adrian Beltre now has the look of a potential Hall of Famer.

Oh and one last thing: do not touch his head!

(feel free to mute the MC Hammer soundtrack.)


I do not own any of this film. All credit goes to MLB Advanced Media.


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